Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jeremy Turner

Jeremy Turner was born in England, but has spent most of his life living in Australia where he takes most of his landscape photos. After finishing school in Sydney, he worked various jobs as a painter, decorator, retail industry, and in a photo-processing lab. He also had an interest in the classical piano that he still plans to pursue. After a few years of job hopping he decided to go traveling across Europe, where he discovered his love for the outdoors then the landscape photography began.
Once back in Sydney he completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry. He then completed his PhD in molecular biology and worked as a Post- Doctoral research Fellow at the University of Sydney and then later at The University of New South Wales
It was during his trip to New Zealand when he fully had an interest in landscape photography.
Jeremy preferred to hiking and bushwalking because he says it’s the best way to see the landscape rather than biking or driving which was too fast for him. Walking and hiking through the wilderness was his way of connecting to the nature and his surroundings.
He was inspired by numerous landscape photographers such as Ansel Adams, Peter Dumbrovskis, Peter Lik, Nic Bishop, Craig Potton, Peter Jarver, and Pete Dombre.
Jeremy Turner now lives in Canberra, because it’s located right by the best coastal and inland national Australian National Parks in eastern Australia where he takes most of his photographs such as, Kosciuszko, Morton, Namadgi, Nadgee and Croajingolong National Parks, and many more.
He hopes that in some way his images can make a difference in people’s lives and attitudes top our planet. “The natural world is more than just a place for weekend and holiday escapes. It sustains us, and without it life here will become untenable. If we learn to care a little more and consume a little less, we may stop the irrevocable loss of our remaining natural environments before it's too late”